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Identifying Which Rodent You Are Dealing With

Identifying Which Rodent You Are Dealing With - To identify the rodent you need to just realize you have rodents. The correct identification can greatly boost your ability to eradicate and control over the particular rodent you are bothered with. The most found mice are house mice, Deer mice, Norway rats and roof rats.

House Mouse

The house mouse can be found in almost every corner of the world. It is also called rapid breeding rodent. Female house mouse usually produces up to 35 babies each year, setting off population explosions. On the other hand the adult house mouse is slightly smaller than the deer mouse. Upper body of the adult mouse is dusty gray with a light gray or cream belly. While the house mouse loves to have variety of foods, grains, seeds and insects. The house mouse searches for shelter according to the temperatures. This type of mouse is found predominantly nocturnal and prefer dark, secluded areas so it can build nest. The house mouse chews likely electrical wiring which cause of destruction to the physical properties. They are the root cause of food contamination, especially Salmonella.

Deer Mouse

The deer mouse can be mostly seen in rural areas and is of medical concern on account of being a common carrier of Hantavirus. The length of the adult deer mouse body is usually 3-4 inches with 2-5 inch long tail. They are various in colour such as pale gray to deep reddish brown having a white belly. As per the research by Pest Control Companies in Delhi the deer mouse make their food from variety of nuts, berries, seeds and other small animals such as insects, slugs, snails, other dead mice even young birds too. They are also nocturnal and usually feed at early dawn and again at dusk. Exterminating completely to the deer mouse indoors is a complicated activity just because of the abundant population outdoors. 

Norway Mouse

Asian origination Norway rats are found throughout the world in today’s time. The Norway rat prefer to physical damage majorly through their constant masticating. They have the largest length among all of the rodents. They have 7-9 ½ inches length with an additional 6-8 inch tail. The Norway rat can feed on anything but is partial to meat, fish and cereals. They are shy and night working rodent.

It focuses on new things in the premise. They like to nest in lower portions of the building for instance basement. Sometime they can be found in attics, roofs and even sewers. Norway rats can easily get attracted towards debris and can foul food and eating surfaces.

Roof Rats

You can call Roof rats with the name of black rats or ship rats. Although they are smaller than Norway rats in size but have bigger ears to be cautious and longer tails. Their body’s length is 6-8 inches with an additional 7-10 inch tail. The roof rat can be noticed throughout the world and feeds on all sorts of food material but most likely prefer seeds, nuts, fruits and berries.

To remove any type of rodent from the premise is really not a cack walk then, thence the best Pest Control Companies in Gurgaon are standing passionately to assist you anytime.

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