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How Pest Can Harm You, Get the Knowledge Fix Pests Around You

Pests not only create mess but also snatch your sleep once they enter in your premise. Mostly people get panic and start finding solution to remove them from their premise with the help of Processional Pest control in Bangalore companies. They  Numbers of pests are there that can be seen most commonly at your premise such as Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Termites, Rats and many more.


Four phases are defined for the Mosquitoes 1-egg 2-larva 3-pupa 4-adult. Standing water helps adult females in laying their eggs without any problem like salt-marsh, a puddle, a lake, a natural reservoir on a plant, even it can be an artificial water container made of plastic bucket and so on. The life of adults is 4–8 weeks only. If we talk about their species then around 3,500 species of mosquitoes can be found throughout the world. Few of the species of mosquito females feed on humans which cause to huge infections to the human body. Numerous of people get affected by mosquito even meet to their end.


Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very small insects in size which survive on human blood. Bedbugs get active at night and tease human sucking their blood. Bed bugs can feed unnoticed on their hosts. They usually prefer to be close to hosts. You can see them in or near beds or couches commonly. They can smartly enter in bedside litter, goods, vehicles and furniture. There must be an wariness of health issues cause by bed bugs like skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms etc.


4,500 species of cockroach can be seen in the world, where it is considered that 30 species are associated with human habitations and around four species are known as infest. It might be shocking but cockroaches can live up to three months without food. Even cockroach is so strong that they can pass one month without water. They grow up in warm climates and considered "cold intolerant” This makes them difficult to eradicate once they have infested an area. They collect their food form human body and pet food, and can create an offensive odour.


Termites are known to be a wooden insect like to live in colonies in large numbers from several hundred to several million individuals. With their swarm intelligence termites becomes success to exploit food sources and environments. This act needs the complete territory of them. Most of the people called the Termites with the name of “white ants".


Rats are sensitive to ultrasound, and possess well developed olfactory sense just because of the attribute of acute hearing. Their heart beat 300 to 400 per minute, which require a respiratory rate of around 100 per minute. Rats are the source of spreading pathogens in human premise that is converted in fatal disease. Some of the diseases are Weil's disease, rat bite fever, cryptosporidiosis, Q fever, Viral hemorrhagic fever etc.

Pests can be removed at ease if your find the best Pest control in India company.

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